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One of the things I love most is creating storytelling images and bringing editorial features to life.

I’m lucky to capture the often fascinating lives and passions of creative and enterprising people throughout Dumfries & Galloway, Yorkshire and beyond.


I was a marketing manager before training in photography.  This means that the businesses and entrepreneurs I work with get a marketing advisor and photographer in one.

Magazine-quality images that are based on marketing strategy help to elevate my clients’ brands, attract their ideal customers and increase their sales and income.

My Style

All photographers have a ‘style’ and I find it fascinating that if you were to place a group of photographers in the same spot with identical equipment, they would produce totally different images.

Personally, I love to bring out the character of my subjects and to shoot everything in a flattering way.

If you want gritty or edgy images I am not the photographer for you! 

But if you want beautiful, creative images that highlight your unique selling point and show yourself and your business in the best light, I would love to hear from you!

If you have any queries, please contact me here.

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